Established in 2020 to meet the ever-growing demands from Roberto’s Aficionados, Roberto's Catering was born initially to bring a slice of the Roberto’s Restaurant's Dolce Vita experience to our guests' homes and private yachts.

This new venture started as an intimate affair, and soon flourished to satisfy the cravings for Roberto’s bespoke hospitality touch on many fronts, from private jets to boardroom meetings, brand activations and networking events, adding an element of luxury and exclusivity to our culinary journey.

Today the mission of Roberto's Catering is clear - to craft bespoke hospitality experiences that transcend the ordinary. Whether is for a private event, a brand launch or a corporate affair, Roberto’s Catering aims to delight and surprise its guests at every turn. Our team of culinary experts and service professionals work tirelessly to bring the essence of Roberto's authentic yet creative fine dining to each event, ensuring that your guests experience a truly exceptional hospitality journey.